Digital Artefact Take One – Trials and Tribulations

If you’ve been up to date with my most recent blog posts, then you’ll know that I have undertaken a project where I’m trying to create virtual reality. I definitely underestimated the difficulty of actually creating VR, but I do like a challenge. For the next couple of weeks or so you can keep up to date with my progress as I blog about my successes, failures, what I learn and also if I can actually create some sort of virtual reality.

Attempt #1

Still high-spirited and full of optimism, I firstly began by learning how to use Unity. Youtube tutorials became my best friend, as I watched many, many, many (have I mentioned many?) videos that attempted to teach me the basic functions of Unity and how certain tools can be used to create objects.

Screen Shot 2018-05-14 at 7.11.05 pm

When you begin a new project in Unity, this is what it looks like. For me this was very confusing, and my first initial glance had me re-questioning my decision to create virtual reality. But hey, I’m an amateur so I decided to stick with it.

The biggest challenge for me was learning how to properly use those six buttons in the top left hand corner (the button’s that begin with the little hand). There were many instances where I would accidentally press the wrong button and instead of changing the view point I would change the scale (rookie mistake!). This unfortunately would mess up the dynamics of whatever I was trying to build at the time.

Attempt #6

I’m a little weary, I’m a little tired, but I’m soldiering on like the true champion I am. This was the point where I decided to find a tutorial that would help me create a city environment for practice.

I had this crazy idea to try and build the Brooklyn Nine-Nine precinct in VR (I still do!) even though it’s super difficult for me to even build a room, but this was the early stages when I still had dreams so I let this scenario play out a little bit. With the whole city environment, I thought I could attempt to build a street in Brooklyn (like outside the precinct) just for a starting point, and by following this tutorial I thought I could actually do it.

Screen Shot 2018-05-14 at 7.20.50 pm

So I followed two whole tutorials, and I built this. It doesn’t look like much, and I basically gave up because I couldn’t get the pavement tiles to scale any smaller, but what you’re looking at is a very small section of the road, a pavement and a small building.

Screen Shot 2018-05-14 at 7.21.05 pm

I was so proud of myself for making the pavement just scaled a little higher than the road (LIKE LOOK AT THAT, 10/10 CONTENT CREATION RIGHT THERE). This was my biggest achievement for the session, if you can’t tell by my own encouragement above I was super stoked that I was actually creating something! After I did this I felt like I could definitely just try and do it myself (like pfft, who needs tutorials anyways, I made a road).

Attempt #8

Instead of being easy peasy lemon squeezy like I thought it would be, it was difficult difficult lemon difficult. My main problem was that I totally dismissed entering the scale manually with numbers (because I’m terrible at math) and I basically just scaled it free-hand, making everything uneven and also too high or too low on the grid.

Screen Shot 2018-05-14 at 8.09.18 pm

This is basically the main problem that kept occurring for me, and no matter how much or how little I fiddled I couldn’t manage to get it even and scaled just right. I’ll definitely be looking towards more Youtube tutorials to help me out in the future.

So this is my progress thus far, I have learnt about the importance of learning from others, patience, and more importantly that it’s okay to fail. I’ll be aiming to keep practising using Unity, and also attempting to build a house/room sometime soon (hopefully).




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